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The purpose of the Volume III workbook is to teach young learners Latin verb conjugations in an interactive and engaging way—such that students who complete Volume I, II, and III will not only excel in their Henle Latin class, but will likely build their confidence for Latin class!  Volume III teaches the four different verb conjugations and has a unit on the Latin verb, sum. The prior workbooks, Volume I and Volume II, focus on Latin noun declensions and Latin adjectives & prepositions, respectively.  However, any student with a thorough understanding of English grammar and Latin noun declensions from an equivalent resource should be adequately prepared for this workbook. This black & white workbook includes 54 lessons and is 130 pages, plus the appendices which includes master noun, adjective, and verb ending charts, and more.  An answer key to all questions and quizzes is sold separately.

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The purpose of Henle Prep Workbooks is to help parents and their students prepare for the rigor and difficulty of Henle Latin First Year—and to succeed! The workbooks are intended to be used by students in grades 5-8, but could be used by anyone studying Latin. The workbooks are presented in an interactive and engaging way so that younger students will enjoy the learning process. You will have opportunities to draw, write, label, and play games. Although the lessons are completely original and independent of the Henle Latin textbook, the vocabulary and the lessons are purposely aligned with the Henle Latin textbook. While the Henle textbook leaves little room for review, Henle Prep Workbooks break down the content into smaller chunks, including several review lessons, providing more opportunity to absorb the content.

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