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Are you looking for a resource to help you or your student succeed in Henle First Year Latin?

The purpose of Henle Prep Workbooks is to prepare you for the rigor and difficulty of Henle First Year Latin in an interactive and engaging way.  While other resources complement the Henle Latin textbook, Henle Prep Workbooks are uniquely designed for younger students who want to prepare in advance to succeed.  They are especially designed for Classical Conversation students, but could be used by anyone studying Latin.

Each unit in the Volume I workbook focuses on one of the five Latin noun declensions.  Each unit includes several lessons, a review lesson, a quiz, and a fun activity which combines everything learned in that unit.  At the end of the workbook are a few appendices, including a master vocabulary chart and a master declension chart.

The Volume II workbook reviews the content and vocabulary from the Volume I workbook and then builds on these principles to teach Latin adjectives and prepositions.  The lessons are original, creative, and interactive.  While the lessons are fun and engaging, the subject matter and vocabulary are directly aligned with the content of the Henle First Year Latin text.

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Showing all 6 results